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miele-001Not only are we cooking more at home these days, we’re enjoying it too. And that’s good news, considering less of us have extra money to eat out!

In response, there are plenty of new kitchen appliance trends out there… reflecting our desire for better, bigger, faster and healthier ways to prepare food. If you’re eager to sort out lasting trends from passing fancies, here are the trends you’re wise to weigh into your next kitchen alteration, according to appliance specialist, Barbara Barton.

1. Stainless steel appliances. No, it’s not going away anytime soon. Despite our concerns about fingerprinting, we love the sophisticated, restaurant-quality look of this sleek material. It’s today’s new ‘neutral’ color and considered even more versatile than even white appliances.

2. Drawers. Used for everything from warming and diswashing to microwaving and refrigeration, kitchen drawers are easier on the back, safer and more convenient than below-counter cabinets that require bending down and searching into the deep, dark abyss of hard-to reach corners. 

3. French door refrigerators. These are the two-door variety that resemble a walk-in closet. They’ve got plenty of capacity and are perceived as restaurant-quality.

4. Wine coolers. Wine sales are still strong and the U.S. consumer is quickly become the top consumer of wine internationally. With that, wine coolers are being a standard in many homes, whether integrated into kitchen or dining room buffets, or free-standing.

5. Speed cooking. We may have less time, but we don’t want to give up quality food preparation, making microwave, convection and air-assisted technology popular new features.

6. New hood designs. A great way to differentiate your kitchen design or integrate a little European design… unusual, unexpected and custom hood designs are growing in both range and popularity.

7. Outdoor kitchens. More time at home means more time outside, and grills, refrigerators, warming drawers, beverage and bar set-ups are on the increase. Outdoor kitchen appliances are still a luxury trend but  more value options are appearing on the market.

Source: Qualified Remodeler (Mar ’09). Photo: Warming drawers from Miele.