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Another simple idea for your Christmas table… place a small holiday ornament or sprig-like decoration on each plate. Ornaments that combine fruit, satin-covered balls and/or greenery work well.

If using an ornament like the ones I used here (with a stem) use a wire cutter to cut the stem shorter.

You could use matching ornaments on each dinner dish at your Christmas table, or mix it up a little and use coordinating, but not matching pieces…

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Happy Holidays!


Saw these Christmas windows displays at Berdorff Goodman in Manhattan this week.  Apparently foxes eat well. Check out their Christmas dinner dishes!

Here’s a great way to dress up your Christmas table setting without spending a lot of money. I picked up these rolls of  wrapping paper on clearance after Christmas last year. I loved the damask-like pattern on the one, and the Merry Christmas words on the other. There wasn’t any doubt that they’d look as gift wrap, but I wanted to see if they’d also make a great holiday decorating idea.

Good quality wrapping paper makes a great runner for a Christmas table setting. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit the entire table – it just needs to run down the center of the table, like a holiday table runner would, though the advantage of using paper is that you can create a wide runner and really make a statement! (Fold the edges or ends under to get a clean edge, if needed.)

Another great thing about a paper table runner is that you don’t have  to worry if it gets stained – just toss it out.

Choose wrapping paper that’s a good quality and weight – a raised surface or flock adds texture and dimension. Avoid overly bright gift wrap (unless it’s a solid color) or overly patterned gift wrap that will take over your table!

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Jerry could’t resist getting right in there to help me with my Christmas photography this year.

His brother, Ben, had absconded a big Christmas bow at the time, or they’d both be in there…

I love looking around the house for everyday items to use in new ways.

For the Christmas centerpiece shown here, I hauled a winter scarf out of the closet for the table runner. Winter scarves make a great Christmas table runner because they’re wam-looking, long, narrow and can be washed easily.  Just make sure  they’re fairly flat (the one shown here is chenille) and wide enough to hold your centerpiece.  I especially like a plaid pattern for Christmas, but whatever coordinates with your dishes will work, even a solid color. 

For the centerpiece, I used a shallow, narrow wood tray. I added three small glass candle votives, pine branches and layered a few Christmas ornaments in colors that matched the scarf.

A great look!

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Here’s a fun holiday decorating idea that’s quick and inexpensive… use christmas gift wrap bows for a centerpiece on your Christmas table.

Look for really nice bows (cheap bows won’t look very good). I really like Christmas bows layered with patterened ribbon, like the ones shown in the photo to the left.  Or bows that use a textured or unusual ribbon. For a dressier Christmas table, use large gold and silver bows. 

Just place a collection of these Christmas-themed or sparkly bows into a shallow glass bowl or a glass bowl on a pedestal. Turn the back of the bows inside so they don’t show. You could also scatter a few bows outside the bowl for fun.

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Here’s a quick, inexpensive way to add a lot of drama, color and a Christmas pattern to the dinner dishes on your Christmas table.

There’s a surprising amount of really nice Christmas paper plates out there… nicer than most Christmas dinner dishes, in my opinion!  Large paper plates can make a great addition to your Christmas table setting.  They look like your own set of Christmas dishes (and you don’t have to buy or store dishes you use just one month out of the year!).

For this great-looking holiday decorating idea, simply look for Christmas-themed paper plates that color-coordinate with your existing dinner dishes. Buy the biggest size – it’ll be just a little smaller than your dinner plate and that’s exactly what you want – your dinner dishes will look like a charger plate underneath. (Note! Look for a good quality paper plate – the ones with perimeter edges that are rasied and curved under looks less cheap.) 

If you don’t want to serve your dinner on a paper plate, serve just a first course on it – salad, bread or hors d’oeuvres, then remove them for the main course. Or use them just on serving dishes… or for display before you eat. 

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Happy holidays!

Want a very cool decorating idea for your Christmas table this year? 

Light blue and silver feel cool, wintery and make a refreshing color choice at Christmas. The quick Christmas table setting I put together here is all about just these two colors, plus white. To make this look really stunning, stick to just these three colors and vary their texture. I used very simple light blue plates (white plates would also work). Instead of a placemat, I scattered plastic snowflakes around the plate on a white tablecloth.

Glass bowls work really well with this Christmas table scheme because they look cool – like ice – but don’t do anything to detract from the light, ethereal quality!

Other than the silverware, I found everything you see here at a local dollar store – the dinner plate, bowl and mug, snowflake glass, plastic snowflakes, silver balls, candle and glass votive.

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Happy holidays!

For a change from the red and green color standards for the Christmas dinner table, try a silver and gold holiday table instead this year!

It’s easy to do because you may already own more of these colors than you realize. Dig through old boxes of Christmas ornaments  for some Christmas table decorating ideas – you might be surprized what you come up with!

Start with a white or cream-colored dinner plate (lined with gold or silver is nice, but not necessary) and polished silverware.Then just start adding. Here are a few ideas:

Scatter some white snowflakes on top of a white tablecloth. You can buy these at a craft store, dollar store or make them by cutting folder paper. (They don’t have to be super well made – they’ll just add a layer of texture.)

Add white napkins, plain or lined with gold. (Layering white on white is a good idea – it’ll tone down all the glitter!)

Fill glass bowls or glasses with silver and gold round Christmas balls. 

Add a silver or gold charger plate underneath the white plate, or an accent bowl or smaller plate in either color.

Look around the house for simple silver, gold or white anything – candles, candle holders, decorative boxes, ornaments, angels and add them to the table. Freely mix all three colors. Nothing doesn’t match in this scheme, as long as you stick to these three hues.

Curl a thin strand of silver or gold ribbon around the base of your wine glasses.

Add a white wreath in the center of the Christmas table. Tie gold and silver Christmas ornaments to it and put a large candle (or several smaller ones) in the center.

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Jaclyn SmithLooking for some new holiday decorating ideas for this season? 

Jaclyn Smith was in New York recently to premier her new Christmas collection for KMart, along with some easy to create hoiday decorating  and Christmas table setting ideas.

You’ll notice the berry color trend that promise to be popular for this holiday season , along with some dressy damask patterns for Christmas table settings and napkins.

A few of Jaclyn’s suggestions:Jaclyn Smith for KMart, Decorating Ideas

* wrap cloth napkins with cord and attach a small ornament (in this case, a  high-heeled gold shoe)

* instead of running a runnner down the center of the table, place several runners across the width of your Christmas table. The effect is to frame the plate and placemat.

Jaclyn Smith, Christmas holiday decorating ideas at KMart

 * cut holiday ribbons the width of the table runner and let them drape down on the edge of the table

* use round Christmas tree ornaments to create a centerpeice. Stack assorted colored balls into a centerpiece and add candles.

* place small colored glass tumblers over top of chandelier bulbsJaclyn Smith, Christmas holiday decorating ideas. Attach some cut-glass ornaments to add an extra dose of sparkle.

* angle a holiday tablecloths over another tablecloth on your dinner, or a small accent table to create a rich, dressy layered effect.

* mix damask patterns in berry tones with gold accents

Jaclyn Smith, Christmas holiday decorating ideasJaclyn Smith’s new holiday decor products are available at KMart.

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