Who am I?
I’m Loreen Epp – a small business owner, writer and interior designer living in Centerport, New York with my two boys, Ben and Jerry .. two felines appropriately named after the entire contents of my freezer. I live in an adorable little cottage on the north shore of Long Island… old enough to be both charming and in regular need of repair!

Besides Ben, Jerry, my home and my depleted renovation budget…..
I love interior design – creating it, reading and writing about it. My favorite area of design is furniture, probably because I’ve spent most of my career designing, buying and arranging it. The right furniture (and where it’s placed) makes a big difference to how we feel when we’re home … and I’m hopeful more people can live in a home they absolutely love.

From 9 to 5…..
During the week (and most evenings and weekends!), I run my own company, RoomPlanners.com. I launched the company as a way to bring interior design inspiration to home enthusiasts through an interactive web site, practical ideas, room recipes and educational resources. My goal is to offer a fun, alternate way to understand design, especially for those who don’t plan to take a formal design education, but want practical, professional design information they can put to work for themselves or for others.

A few other passions!
Besides interior design, I enjoy finding the connections between people’s preference for design, music, art, fashion, literature, culture and personality. I believe that understanding our own personal preferences does more than just make our rooms look better, it makes our decisions about everything else easier, more cohesive and more satisfying too. I’ve defined nine Environmental Personality profiles that reflect the range of distinct preferences. (If you want to learn more about your own Environmental Personality, get more information on my website – http://www.roomplanners.com.)

Was there life before owning my own company?
For about 14 years I worked in a variety of executive marketing and buying positions with companies ranging from Palliser Furniture in Canada to Levitz Furniture in New York and Staples in Boston. I wrote wrote for print and online publications, including a column for Furniture/Today… and held seminars and conference across the country on consumer trends.

Too much time on my hands?
One of the projects I’ve taken up is writing a few interior design blogs – this one, cooking quarters.com, as well as http://www.whatsnewathome.wordpress.com and http://www.roomstoraveabout.wordpress.com. My sister and I began blogging at about the same time, and we’ve both loved sharing favorite ideas with our readers. Since Wendi writes about all things food (and chocolate), and me about all things home, in late 2008, we discussed the idea of a creating a blog together. Although we both relocated east after growing up in the midwest, we’re still farther apart than we’d like, so this blog is a reason to talk even longer on the phone, compare our favorite ideas and create new ones. Our goal is to combine great recipes with entertaining ideas that make special mealtimes fun and memorable.

Where it all started…..
I have a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba and A Bachelor of Arts (music and PR) from the University of Winnipeg.

When I’m not at the computer or my studio…..
I like to hang out in bookstores (especially ones with really comfy chairs), travel, go to the movies, and play flute with some great classical and jazz musicians I’ve met on Long Island.

Want to get in touch with me?
Submit your comments below, or at loreen@roomplanners.com