Want to create a terror-ific atmosphere at your Halloween dinner table this fall? Unleash your imagination and stir up little home-brewed ambiance by simply renaming your favorite foods. Need some inspiration? Check out our menu below for a terror-ific Halloween dinner your ghosts and goblins will love!

Worms and eyeballs – spaghetti & meatballs
Witch’s fingers & slime sauce – chicken strips & ranch dressing dyed green
Barbequed bat wings – chicken wings
Witches’ brew &   Dracula diggers – chili & tortilla chips

Grass & weeds with sliced toadstools & witch’s teeth – salad greens with mushrooms & sunflower seeds
Maggots – rice
Rotting teeth – corn
Lizards’ tongues – sautéed red pepper strips or carrot sticks

Shrunken heads – baked apples
Ghosts – white chocolate-covered bananas
Pond scum – Jello with gummi worms
Bones – bone-shaped meringue cookies

Swamp water –  lemonade concentrate, lemon-lime pop & lime  sherbet

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