Here’s a quick, inexpensive way to add a lot of drama, color and a Christmas pattern to the dinner dishes on your Christmas table.

There’s a surprising amount of really nice Christmas paper plates out there… nicer than most Christmas dinner dishes, in my opinion!  Large paper plates can make a great addition to your Christmas table setting.  They look like your own set of Christmas dishes (and you don’t have to buy or store dishes you use just one month out of the year!).

For this great-looking holiday decorating idea, simply look for Christmas-themed paper plates that color-coordinate with your existing dinner dishes. Buy the biggest size – it’ll be just a little smaller than your dinner plate and that’s exactly what you want – your dinner dishes will look like a charger plate underneath. (Note! Look for a good quality paper plate – the ones with perimeter edges that are rasied and curved under looks less cheap.) 

If you don’t want to serve your dinner on a paper plate, serve just a first course on it – salad, bread or hors d’oeuvres, then remove them for the main course. Or use them just on serving dishes… or for display before you eat. 

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Happy holidays!