For a change from the red and green color standards for the Christmas dinner table, try a silver and gold holiday table instead this year!

It’s easy to do because you may already own more of these colors than you realize. Dig through old boxes of Christmas ornaments  for some Christmas table decorating ideas – you might be surprized what you come up with!

Start with a white or cream-colored dinner plate (lined with gold or silver is nice, but not necessary) and polished silverware.Then just start adding. Here are a few ideas:

Scatter some white snowflakes on top of a white tablecloth. You can buy these at a craft store, dollar store or make them by cutting folder paper. (They don’t have to be super well made – they’ll just add a layer of texture.)

Add white napkins, plain or lined with gold. (Layering white on white is a good idea – it’ll tone down all the glitter!)

Fill glass bowls or glasses with silver and gold round Christmas balls. 

Add a silver or gold charger plate underneath the white plate, or an accent bowl or smaller plate in either color.

Look around the house for simple silver, gold or white anything – candles, candle holders, decorative boxes, ornaments, angels and add them to the table. Freely mix all three colors. Nothing doesn’t match in this scheme, as long as you stick to these three hues.

Curl a thin strand of silver or gold ribbon around the base of your wine glasses.

Add a white wreath in the center of the Christmas table. Tie gold and silver Christmas ornaments to it and put a large candle (or several smaller ones) in the center.

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