TV - Brothers and Sisters

Kitchen detail from ABC's Brothers and Sisters

Who doesn’t love the look of Nora Walker’s kitchen on the hit TV show Brothers & Sisters?

The show premiered back in 2006. Some of the room furnishings have changed slightly (I guess even TV sets need renovation!), but that warm California kitchen is tough to beat.

This is definitely a cook’s kitchen with work surfaces spotted with bottles of olive oil and open shelves filled with intriguing cannisters and food-filled glass jars. The textured tile and arched cabinets have kind of a Tuscan wine country feel, but the white cabinets and light colors give it an updated feel.

TREND - TV 2006 Brothers 3

Little matches in the kitchen – the tile pattern on one wall don’t match the tiles or pattern on another wall. The height of  kitchen cabinets ebb and flow, but the airiness and light, clean color palette bring it all together.

This is a kitchen you could spend some serious time in… and the Walker family does regularly, meeting for everything from in-your face confrontations to soap-style kiss-and-make-up reunions.

If you haven’t checked out the show (and that kitchen!), it’s worth a look (Sunday nights on ABC).