buffet-serverIn a late 2008 survey by Gfk Roper, 83% of us said the first place we’ll cut costs in 2009 is ‘eating out’.

Thus, the growing popularity of buffet servers… a relative newcomer to a roster of new products aimed to aid entertaining at home. More than keeping food hot and supporting the trend to casual buffet-style eating, one of the nice things about these stainless steel servers is their industrial-feel; one we associate with restaurants. So if we can’t eat out, we can at least feel like we are… or make believe that a fancy caterer came over to serve us dinner!

Buffet servers are ideal for heavy entertaining seasons. They were  especially popular this past Thanksgiving when Target, for one, priced entry level versions between $49 and $69. But they’re also ideal for summer  barbeques and entertaining on the patio. 

Look for a trend to cordless buffet servers as well. Most of us use our dining room table to serve buffets and cords are both unattractive and a safety hazard. Also, look for some furniture manufacturers to install built-in buffet warming surfaces into the top of the buffet.