If adding a new set of stainless steel appliances isn’t in your budget right now, or even if it is… there are other ways to add this clean, modern material to your kitchen area for the ultimate in restaurant-style chic at home. Stainless steel also reflects light – making small kitchens look bigger.

1. Use one or more stainless steel lighting pendants over your table, island or sink.

2. Use chairs with stainless steel legs.

3. Splurge on a stainless steel counter top – even if it’s just the top of a island or small working table. Many reasonably-priced stainless steel-topped carts are available today.

4. Replace your existing cabinet knobs or pulls with stainless steel hardware. The more contemporary your cabinet looks, the longer / larger handles you can use

5. Install a stainless steel backspash. You can opt for small stainless steel tiles – not cheap (but fabulous), but you don’t need a lot of them. Or cut a sheet of stainless steel cut to fit your backsplash

6. And of course… stainless steel appliances.

You could also add some stainless steel picture frames, hang your steel pots on a stainless steel pot rack, add a row of stainless steel cannisters on your counter, or store your cutlery or utensils in a stainless steel bin on the counter.