Want to really warm up your dining room this Christmas? Use lanterns on your holiday table instead of candles. They’re awfully charming and suggest an Olde English Christmas table setting in the style of Charles Dickens (can’t you just hear the carolers outside your door?).

Lanterns works beautifully with a traditionally-styled Christmas table setting like the one shown in the photo. They also sit low on the table so everyone can see each other!

The good news is that lanterns don’t have to be costly … I’ve found beautiful wrought iron ones at stores like HomeGoods and I use them in the summer too – they’re great on a warm but windy deck at night, or around the bathtub. They’re also safer than an open candle flame.

Place three lanterns in a row down the center of your  holiday table and run some pine branches between them. The lanterns can match exactly, but they don’t have to. Just keep them all roughly the same style and color.

Another great idea is to place a Christmas tree in your dining room, maybe a smaller version or one that can be moved easily. What’s more inviting than sharing food with family and friends next to the warm glow of a Christmas tree?

Like the color on the walls? Use Behr 290F-4 (Cliff Rock) or Behr 280F-4 (Burnt Almond)  on the walls, paired with Behr 750C-1 (Ivory Mist) on the door trim and dado.

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